Wearing your Catholic Faith

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July 15, 2011
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September 23, 2011

Wearing your Catholic Faith

We attended the Midwest Catholic Family Conference (in Wichita, KS) in early August and stumbled across Faith Factory Catholic T-shirts in the Exhibitors hall.  They had some great designs and a special deal for large families to purchase matching shirts ($10 per shirt).  Here is a picture of us in our new Catholic apparel:

We have found that wearing color coordinated shirts not only makes it easy for us to find our kids, but also to enlist the help of everyone else around us.  Several times at theme parks, complete strangers have brought our errant children back to us and said, “I think this one belongs to you”.

We have t-shirts that are just bright solid colors, but we also have a couple of sets of T-Shirts from The Alexander House (Marriage Ministry), but these N-Him Athletics shirts appear to be a collectors item now since they don’t have them listed in their webstore :^).

As you can see, we are proud to be Catholic and just like everyone else who wears a t-shirt with a secular message on it, we are showing what we love most: our Catholic faith.


  1. Martina says:

    Ok, that is one VERY cool thing about being out and about with a large crew! I need more kids so I can be just as cool as you guys. 🙂

  2. Marianna says:

    God Bless you Alan,Denae,and children!
    You all look so great!
    Marianna and family

  3. Almorr says:

    Lovely photo of a very loving family.

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