We have a new Baby!

End of Baseball Season
May 27, 2009
A Very Busy Weekend of Activities
May 30, 2009

We have a new Baby!

img_0239A Baby Grand Piano that is.  Our second oldest daughter loves to play the piano and she is very good.  So we shopped around using the advice contained in the Piano Book by Larry Fine and finally found a very solid piano that fits our family.  My daughter is very excited and it is very nice to occasionally hear her beautiful piano playing echoing throughout the home.

I also took a video with my iPhone, so pardon the not so perfect video quality, but you get the picture.


  1. Adam says:

    Beautiful. What brand is the piano? Maybe your daughter can convince mine to stick with lessons. 😉

  2. Allen Hebert says:

    The brand is Howard (by Baldwin). It was made in Korea, under the direction of Baldwin in the mid-80s. We looked at used Yamahas, Steinways, Boston and a few others, and for the money, this one was the best buy by far. It has a very good sound and is not black. Denae didn’t want black, but most used pianos are black.

    Send your little one over, they can talk, ENH really loves playing and is gets more excited as she gets better.

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