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February 14, 2009

Update on Denae and the Baby

I wanted to provide everyone a quick update on Denae and the baby.

High level overview:

  • As of last night at about 7:30PM, the bleeding which caused us to go to the hospital in the morning had all but stopped.
  • Denae was finally given permission to eat once again (that means that no surgery was imminent)
  • Baby monitoring showed the baby to be in very good health, very active and a strong heartbeat
  • Denae will probably be in the hospital until the baby is born (desired delivery date is 3/10/09)

The Details:

Details on the pregnancy:

Denae experienced bleeding in October 08, she was diagnosed with Placenta Previa and Accreta or Increta.  The major issues associated with this complication are low birth weight of the baby (not an issue with our baby), increased risk of bleeding as the pregnancy continues, and the baby must be delivered by c-section.  The common side effect of Accreta is that normally the womb cannot be saved, which means that a partial hysterectomy will be performed at the time of delivery.

Denae has two primary doctors today – her normal OB/GYN (Dr. Cowan) and the OB/GYN Specialist (Dr. Berry).  Dr. Berry is the lead on determining what specific course of treatment will be necessary for Denae, and he also determines when we go in to deliver.  Being a specialist, he is very familiar with this particular complication of pregnancy.

The due date of the baby is April 4th, due to the Placenta Accreta, the delivery date was set for approximately 4 weeks earlier on March 10th.

As of today, the baby is 33 weeks from the date of conception, normal delivery date is 40 weeks.  The baby is over 5 lbs according to the most recent ultrasound and he or she received steriod shots last week which help him or her to grow about 2 weeks in only 2 days.  The steroid shots were given in the event that Denae started bleeding (which happened only two days after the shots were given).  Good call Dr. Berry!  I guess that is why they call him a specialist :^).

Details on the rest of the family:

With Denae being in the hospital for the next 3 weeks or so, we have become a single parent household (with a Nanny, Yea for Maria!).  We certainly hope that the baby stays put until March, but it will be a little different life with Dad running the show. The biggest challenges will be the daytime activities (Choir, piano, science club/competition, etc).  And the normal househould chores – washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, etc.

The older boys have baseball tryouts later today and start practices within the next couple of weeks, and my soccer daughter will also start soccer practices soon (but she has no shortage of friends on her team that can get her to and from practices and games.

Maria fortunately is here from 7:30 until 3:30, so I should still be able to work a normal schedule from home and maybe even make the occassional trip to San Antonio to see my customers.  My oldest is 15  and she is very capably of running things in the house in the evenings, she really loves being in charge.

Other items:

Denae is at Seton Downtown (on 38th street) and is currently in room 247, but that may change if she has an extended stay.  You can always contact her on her cell phone if you wish to visit or just chat (512-845-0757).  She also has her laptop with her and Seton has patient wireless access (and she also had email access on her phone), so feel free to email her at denae @ hebert.austin.tx.us (remove the spaces to email her).  She would probably love to hear from people as there are only so many movies one can watch and books that can hold your interest.

Many Thanks for Fr. Joel McNeil for fighting traffic last night to come up to the hospital to administer the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick for Denae.

That is all for now, check back later for more updates, or hit the subscribe button to receive automatic updates from this blog.

God Bless,


  1. Devin Rose says:

    First comment!

    Allen, call us if you need help with rides, children, whatever. Y’all are in our prayers especially during this time.

  2. Beth Odom says:

    Hi y’all,

    Y’all are all in our prayers. Let me know if I can set up the meal ministry for you.

  3. Judy Longoria says:

    Hey Denae and Allen,

    We have you both in our prayers as well as new baby. Peace be with you all. Prayers and love, Judy, Noe, and kids.

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