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Facebook, Twitter, Blogs – social networking

I am attending a Catholic new media conference in San Antonio today.  I found the title of this conference a little odd to me, but after attending this conference I have a much better idea of what it is all about.  As most of us are aware, the world of communication and media has changed substantially in the last 20 years.  We went from books and newspapers being the primary means of sharing ideas to Facebook, twitter, blogs, podcasts, youtube, ustream, and other electronic means of getting your message out.

It is amazing to me that there is so many free tools available for publishing your thoughts, and ideas.  This particular conference I am at is being broadcasted live over ustream.com – go to the SQPN (Star Quest Production Network) website at sqpn.com to watch live for the next few hours.  The whole event will be available in the archives as well.

In the past you had to have tons of money and the right connections to broadcast a video you produced, now you can do that for virtually free on Youtube and you can even broadcast live using ustream.tv.

I am mainly here to learn how to use these new technologies at our parish (www.saintwilliams.org), but I am also looking at using it to share our family life as well.  God has definitely blessed our family immensely and I am often told how much of an inspiration that my family is to many that we meet.  So who knows, maybe there is an audience here and since John and Kate + 8 are on their way out (say a prayer for them and their kids), maybe folks would be interested in seeing the inner working of a most normal large family, with 9 great kids and parents that love each other and struggle through each day to raise the best kids that we can with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Stay tuned for more. – my ustream.tv channel is named go-bless:

There isn’t much out there yet, but maybe we will inaugurate it on our family vacation in August.

God Bless,

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  1. New media is a huge development in communication. Pope Benedict has been happy to talk about this issue many times:


    It’s either a force for good or evil. The means of communication in and of itself can neither be considered good or bad.

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