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April 4, 2011
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Prom Perspectives

It has been two weeks since my daughter attended the McNeil High School Prom, and we are just getting around to writing up our collective thoughts on her attendance.  Sorry for the delay, but it takes some time to sort through the emotions, analyze the decision and then write the comments down (and be a good husband and Father to our nine children).

Rachel’s Reflection

Prom is something that I don’t think I’d ever want to go to again because it made me feel very uncomfortable. The close dancing, the immodest dress, the big group of people dancing so close together was something I am not used to being around.  I was forced to dance closely too because there was not enough room to do anything else.  I was unable to swing dance, which is my favorite type of dance.  It was not just a few people dancing in an ungodly way, it was everybody on the dance floor and it was very uncomfortable to watch.  Other than the raciness of this prom, I had a really good time, I was with good friends and that’s what helped me to enjoy myself in such an unwholesome environment.

Allen’s Advice

Overall, I am glad that Rachel attended the Prom and that I was a volunteer chaperone.  I wrote another blog entry about my reflections on the Prom event itself, you can read them here.  The main reason why I say it was positive, is that Rachel got to experience a public school event and appreciate the good, wholesome, events that she has been participating in for the years that we have homeschooled her.

We have had many conversations about Prom since it occurred, it has given us much to talk about.  I was worried about the appropriateness of the Prom event itself and unfortunately, my concerns were not without basis.  The event was not something she enjoyed and not something she would choose to attend again.

Protective Parenting

In my opinion, our child rearing techniques have been vindicated, by Rachel’s reaction.  We are raising all our children to know, love and serve Christ and to love his laws.  Striving to teach them what is right and good, we have not exposed them to all the ugliness of the world, instead we have shown them, as best as we are able, the beauty of how God intended us to live and love one another.  While Rachel was curious and intrigued about what went on at a public school dance, when she experienced it first hand, she found it lacking.  Happily, it appears that the foundation we have assisted Rachel in building is on solid rock, the Rock of the Church of Jesus Christ.




  1. Cindy Kral says:

    Wish Rachel had mentioned what a nice gentleman her escort was. If I were him or his parents I might take offense to some of this. I know she said she had a good time because of the friends she was with, but a more specific mention of her escorts respectful behavior would have been nice. After all, I was greatly impressed with his willingness to jump through all the hoops to get permission to take her in the first place.

    • Allen Hebert says:

      Very true, Rachel’s escort was (and still is) a fine young man, he treated Rachel with respect and did a great job protecting her honor while she was under his care. I hope the hoops were not too intimidating, my intention was to get to know him and have him get to know not only Rachel, but our family and our expectations. What better way to do that than to do things with us. With such a short time-frame prior to the Prom (just under 3 weeks), there wasn’t much time to ease him into things. We had to do a crash course in the Heberts!

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