Post Operation Status for Denae

Joseph Anthony
March 10, 2009
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March 11, 2009

Post Operation Status for Denae

Denae went into surgery at 7:30am and the baby was delivered at 7:53am.  Denae did end up having a partial hysterectomy (more on that later) and thus her surgery lasted until around 10:30am.  She is still in recovery and may be there for a bit longer.

The doctor told me that there were no surprises during surgery, and that all went as planned.  She did lose some blood and received some new blood as well (an oil change of sorts).  Continue prayers as the recovery will be longer than usual.

Pictures of Joseph Anthony can be found here:

God Bless


  1. The Mesich Family says:

    The pictures are awesome – He SO looks like an Hebert! A mix of both you and Denae – and a cutie for certain!
    Congratulations again! Let Denae know we are praying for her!

  2. Devin Rose says:

    Thanks be to God for answering all our prayers! Congratulations again, Heberts.

  3. Mark Madrid says:

    Congratulations. I am glad everything turned out all right. We will pray on this end.

  4. Congratulations! Came across your blog via twitter, Marc (thicke) started following me on Twitter so here I am – admiring your little one! He is BEAUTIFUL! We were blessed with an 18 inch chunkletta on the 30th of December but she weighed in at a whopping 8 lb 12 oz. We were extremely blessed to be able to have #13 at home while our second child, who is married and has her first baby, watched the younger children in her home!

    Well – congratulations again – I will keep your family in mind as mummy recovers. Number 12 was an emergency c-section so I know how difficult recovery can be. Your newest is BEAUTIFUL!


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