March 5, 2009

All Systems Go

The specialist (Dr. Berry) came by this afternoon to take a look at the baby and do the amniocentesis to determine if the baby is ready […]
March 3, 2009

Update on Denae – we are at the half-way point

The power of  prayer Only 8 more days to go until the C-section.  The nurses say that every once in a while a patient who has […]
February 27, 2009

14 days down, 16 days to go

Denae arrived at the hospital on Friday February 13th at 8am, and today is Friday February 27th, which is 14 days later.  So we have almost […]
February 24, 2009

Thanks for the Meals!

Thus far we have had meals from Kim Spiers and Sharon Gretencord, both were out of this world and very different.  The kids loved both of […]