Update on Denae and the Baby
February 14, 2009
Denae has been moved to a new room
February 15, 2009

Long Term Care

We visited with the OB/GYN Specialist, Dr. Berry, this morning and he is pleased with the outcome thus far.  Denae has stopped bleeding and thus the doctor has removed all her IVs and baby monitoring equipment.  She should start feeling much better by the end of the day today.

She will be moved to the long term care part of the Maternity Floor, because they hope to keep the baby right where he or she is until March 10th.  Denae’s only restriction will be that she cannot leave the hospital and that she will have a vital signs taken a couple of times a day.  She has also been prescribed a medication that will increase her red blood cell count.  She is a bit anemic right now, which is typical of Denae during the last trimester of her pregnancies.

So this is very good news for the baby and for Denae too.  But Denae keeps thinking about all the things around the house that will not get done for the next 3.5 weeks.  So we are working to setup shuttles to the hospital for our school age kids so that Mom can continue to instruct them while she is in the hospital during the days of the week.

My mother in law is coming to town later today and our main task is to make sure that we have a plan to keep the household running smoothly while Denae is absent.  She will not be staying for the entire 3.5 weeks, but probably only for a few days to help me adjust to the new routine.

Please keep the prayers up, they have already worked a small miracle.  Denae is checking her email regularly and has appreciated the emails of support, the phone calls, and the visits.

Happy Valentines day

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  1. Margaret Grant says:

    Our family is praying for yours. Danae, keep up the good work!

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