Life without Mom at home

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February 15, 2009
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February 17, 2009

Life without Mom at home

Something is missing

The kids and I all know that something is just not right around the house.  The older ones have more chores to do, the little ones can’t figure out why they are just unhappy at times.  We all know that it is just not right for Mom to not be here.

I guess that Dad being gone on a business trip for a week is just not as bad.  But I do agree.  Mom being gone is much worse.  This is her home and she does a great job running it.  But since she is not going to be around, then the home will be a little different for the next 3 weeks.  It may be run with a little less of a feminine touch.

We are still trying to keep our regular schedule and even start some new activities, such as Baseball for two of my boys.  We are hoping that it will work out, but if it doesn’t, we will drop what needs to be dropped to maintain sanity in the home.

We have had so many offers of assistance, rides for the kids to activities, meals, etc.  I have started to utilize the ride offers, and will take up the meal offers next week after my mother in law goes back to Houston.  We are very blessed to have such a great community of friends and family to support us.

We are keeping up the morning prayer routine, I told the kids that we need it now more than ever and they agreed.  The temptation is that as we are busier now and thus have less time, it would be easy to cut out the 30 minutes of family prayer in the morning and get extra sleep. But we know where our strenght comes from and to neglect our relationship with the Lord when we need him the most would not be good.  So we press on and know that if we keep Him at the center of our lives, everything else will fall into place.

Well, I must get to bed now, so I will be able to wake up at 6:30 to do it all over again tomorrow (this time with my regular job included in the daily activites).

God Bless


  1. Cindi Messner says:

    Allen & Denae, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Please let us know if we can do anything to help. Meals or anything.(244-9206)I haven’t babysat for years but will help do what you need done:)

    Love to you all,
    The Messners

    • Allen says:

      Thanks Cindi, I will pass your name on to a friend who is setting up meals for us. I think we have the babysitting under control for the time being.

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