Joseph Anthony’s Baptism

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June 10, 2009
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June 27, 2009

Joseph Anthony’s Baptism

Our new little one was baptized this past Saturday.  We had about 80 family and friends celebrate this joyous event with us, the kids outnumbered the adults.  It was a beautiful ceremony and it was great to visit with everyone.  I have included an collection of photos taken by our good friend Christine Mesich.  Thanks Christine.

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  1. What a delightfully chubby cherub your newest one is. I thought our Cecilia was a chubbers but your little guy has her beat – hands down! What a beautiful family you have. It is amazing how many nine children seem when collected in a photo. We have nine still at home, 18(f) , 16(f), 14(m), 12.5 (m), 11(f), 9(m), 6.5 (f), 4(f), and 6(f) months old. (The 4 out on their own are 26 (female, single hoping to marry soon), 25 (female married 1 child), 23 (male, single & saving for a ring for his delightful girlfriend 😉 , 22 (male married, wife is expecting, he leaves for boot camp in August) When they are gathered around the table for dinner or in the LR for evening prayers – they don’t seem so many. Then I look at your picture and gasp ‘WHEW – what a lot of children!’ But the family at home is almost identical to yours… 🙂 God Bless. Wish our families were closer so that we could meet. That would be awesome. I was wistful when reading about the children outnumbering the adults at your baptism as that is how it used to be when we lived in Canada. For one baptism we had about 10 families invited and there were about 100 children….. Here in our parish the next largest family is about 5 children. The rest families have the standard 2.3 kids. Awesome parish here, but I miss the large families from our parishes in Canada.

    God Bless and congratulations on the newest addition to the church!
    Christi from mum2twelve – now a bakers dozen

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