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March 9, 2009
Post Operation Status for Denae
March 10, 2009

Joseph Anthony

Joseph Anthony Hebert was born on March 10th at 7:53am weighing 6 lbs 6oz and 18 inches long.

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  1. The Mesich Family says:

    Congratulations from all the Mesich’s!! We are offering prayers of Thanksgiving for Baby Joseph, and are keeping Denae and the surgery in prayer too!


  2. Alexis Dobson says:

    Congrats! We have been praying for y’all! Welcome little Joseph!

  3. Theresa Sismilich says:

    Congratulations! He’s a cutie! Prayers for Denae’s speedy recovery! Please let us know when the Baptism is going to be.

    • Allen Hebert says:

      We are planning to have the baptism on April 4th at 9am. St. William performs baptisms at this time as a community. And thanks for the prayers

  4. Brigitte Gawthorp says:

    A boy! Beautiful! Praise be to God! Congratulations! I pray that Denae recovers well.

  5. Becky Saucedo says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! We are happy to welcome a new little Hebert– he is so beautiful. I am so happy for you. I pray for Denae’s quick recovery.

  6. Martina says:


  7. Amy says:

    Congratulations Hebert Family! So happy to hear mom and baby are doing well! Lots of prayers for Denae’s recovery!

  8. Liisa Pursiheimo-Marcks says:

    Congratulations to the whole family!

  9. Kelsey says:

    Finally a Joseph! Beautiful boy and congrats to all.

    • Allen Hebert says:

      We knew a few folks who named their daughters Mary last year, and so we figured Joseph would be appropriate since we had a boy.

  10. The Honea Family says:

    Joseph looks so beautiful – a precious boy! Congratulations Allen and Danae. We are thinking and praying for Denae’s smooth recovery. Love Todd, Debbie, Tyler and Dustin Honea

  11. Sr. Lillian says:

    He is just beautiful and I can’t wait to hold him.
    Love your family. A great example you set for other families.
    God bless you ALL!

  12. The Garcias says:

    Congratulations Heberts!!! Joseph is so cute!
    God bless you all! We’ll see you tomorrow.

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