It is good to have friends!

School Sisters of St. Francis Pay us a Visit
May 3, 2009
May 4, 2009

It is good to have friends!

My wife and I are very blessed to have so many friends who share our beliefs and struggle to live according to God’s plan in all aspects of their lives. One shining example of a family like this are some friends whom my wife and I have known since High School.  In fact my wife has know Chaille Lyons since she was a young child.

Sulak FamilyChaille and Jason Sulak and their 6 children paid us a visit today.  It was so nice, our kids had so much fun together and we just loved sharing our stories of being parents of young children (and now some that are not so young anymore).  Not only do Denae and I draw strenght from other committed Catholic families, but our children get the opportunity to be friends with other children who are also immersed in a healthy faith centered family.

God Bless the Sulaks and other families like them, we certainly couldn’t do what we do without their fantastic witness to the Love of Christ.

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  1. you are so blessed to have friends with large families. We have only known one large (Catholic) family since moving to the States and they moved to Va shortly after we met them. We are in NC. The only other large family we know (they have 6 like your friends, we have 13, 9 still at home) live 2 hrs away. 🙁 Still, we have a nice parish.
    Blessings to you and yours!
    Christi aka mum2twelve – now a bakers dozen

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