Long Term Care
February 14, 2009
Life without Mom at home
February 16, 2009

Denae has been moved to a new room

On Valentines Day in the evening, she was moved to her long term care room at Seton Hospital on 38th street. Her new room number is 217.  – Update: now she is in room 204.

She said the room is much smaller, but the bed is more comfortable. We did a skype video call with her last night. I guess this is a sign of how things will be for a little while.

The kids liked being able to see and talk to her at the same time.

I plan to take the whole family up to see Denae later today.  I will take some pictures and post them to this blog.

God Bless,


  1. Martina says:

    I wish I had known! I was at Precision Camera a couple of hours ago. I could have stopped and said hello and given ya a hug! Stay strong, Denae. 🙂 ::hugs::

  2. Liisa Pursiheimo-Marcks says:

    Allen & Denae, hang in there a little bit longer!

    Allen, could you let me know the times of the piano lessons, etc. when the kids need transportation during the day. I could help with some of it, now that I am at home.

    Hugs, Liisa

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