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February 16, 2009
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February 18, 2009

Current Status and Visitor update

Current Status

  • Denae is at Seton on 38th street in room 217. This room has absolutely no artwork, no crucifix, only a bed, a TV (without EWTN), and a bathroom. There is one window, but the shade appears to be broken and cannot be lifted up, so no natural lighting.
  • She is not allowed to roam freely, she must be in a wheelchair with an escort if she wishes to leave her room.
  • She has an IV in one arm and it will be moved to the other arm every 5 days or so. So far she has received a few treatments through this IV and it has caused a little bit of pain, hopefully now that the treatments are complete, her arms will start to feel better.
  • She asked if they could remove her IV to give her arm a rest and the specialist said no. His words were something along the lines of, “I don’t want to take any chances and in my experience it is best to leave the IVs in just in case we have to move quickly to surgery”. So while Denae appears to be fine, it seems that she could start bleeding without any warning and need to be rushed to surgery to deliver the child. So keep up the prayers.


I hope I don’t leave anyone out, but if I do, just let me know and I will update this entry. Denae has so much appreciated all the in person visits, phone calls, as well as the Facebook and email exchanges. It has helped the time pass much more quickly, so keep it coming.

  • Marci, Brittney, & McKenzie Maddox
  • Fr. Joel McNeil
  • Fr. Anthony
  • Vera Hooper (twice)
  • Gabby Yanez
  • Robert and Kelly Tavarez (twice)
  • Barb Jaloway (twice)
  • Deacon Richard Kotrola
  • Peggy Spies
  • Lynn Williams
  • Koren Powell
  • Julie Buckley
  • Sharon Gretencord
  • Gina Almon

Flowers and other gifts

  • Brenda Daily and Joe Rizo
  • The Maddox Family
  • Allen Hebert (for Valentine’s Day)
  • Vera Hooper
  • Jorge and Jane Gomez
  • The Gretencord family
  • The Tavarez Family – pies – Apple and Peach

Here is Denae’s contact information:

  • Seton Hospital
    Room 217
    phone: 512.324.1000
    1201 West 38th Street
    Austin, TX 78705
  • Email: denae @ – remove the spaces around the @ sign to email her
  • mobile phone – 512-845-0757
  • Facebook – Denae Hebert
  • Skype – Denae Hebert (by request only, call first)

Thanks again for all the offers of assistance to Denae and to me, if you are interested in providing a meal for us, please contact Beth Odom to get on the list, her email is momolot @

God Bless,

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