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May 3, 2009
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May 6, 2009


During today’s roof install, our neighbors bees (the ones who live in his huge oak tree) decided they didn’t like the roofers and started to sting some of them.

One guy got stung so bad that we had to call 911. Two fire trucks, one county sherrif, one ambulance, a smaller firefruck that is a large self contained water pump, and a volunteer bee keeper all showed up at our house this evening. It was quite a sight to see, the bees were swarming so bad thy they closed our street for about an hour. In the end, the decision was made to kill the bees by flushing them out with a soap and water mixture administered via a firehose.

Hopefully the bees that survived will leave the area within the next few days.


  1. Sharon says:

    Are/were they honey bees? Could the bee keeper not extract them? Or was he not interested in doing so?

    When we had the bees in our house, the bee keeper we used said that if they are honey bees you need to extract the honey comb or other bees will come take their place. (This is what happened a couple of months ago when Adam saw some scouting around wanting to re-establish the hive in our wall. We had to tear it out and clean it up to make sure they don’t return.)

    • Allen Hebert says:

      He tried to extract them, but was unable to get to the hive. This tree is huge and the entry points are not within reach of the hive. We will be filling the holes and making them bee proof. We have tried to get rid of them before, but never killed all the bees inside the tree, this time we should have accomplished that and will now be able to seal it off and prevent any other colonies from taking up home in the tree.

  2. Theresa Sismilich says:

    Such a shame they couldn’t save the bees. I’m partial to bees & honey since my dad used to keep hives out on the farm where I grew up. I have some of the old bee boxes (now shelves in my garage) & the smoker – and lots of other bee stuff I’ve collected other places over the last few years. It would have been neat to have your empty hive! My most recent “find” was a beehive water bucket from Lowe’s. Hope you are having a great week. It certainly started off with a sting!

  3. Devin Rose says:

    You never can tell, with bees.

    The forager bees that were not at home when it was destroyed will die soon; they cannot live without their hive for long.

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