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February 8, 2010
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March 10, 2010

Alan Ames

We attended a talk and healing service by Alan Ames ( He is an australian man who was not looking for God and had everything that the world says a person should have, but he did not have peace or joy in his life. Even though he was not looking for God, the hound of heaven was looking for him.

When God reached down into his life, Alan responded and took the Lord up on his offer of Love. Now he spends his time traveling the world spreading God’s message of Love for everyone and laying hands on people and in some cases God works through Alan to heal them of spiritual and sometimes physical healing.

It was a great talk and Rachel, Denae and I are very thankful that we were able to attend.


  1. victoria says:

    was he truly “worthy” and did he take money for the healing? A lot of people call him names and do not believe his whooey, however, I am thinking of attending his June 23 healing at my old parish. Did you personally experience the presence of the Holy Spirit?

    I wonder if he knows a fellow Aussie writer Matthew Kelly…..

    Thank you,


    • admin says:


      I have been impressed by his humility and seeing him in person for the first time confirmed my initial feelings about him. He is a very humble man and while he does sell his books and tapes at the event, he doesn’t seem too concerned about the selling aspect of it. The talk is very charismatic, so if you haven’t been around people who have been slain in the spirit, you are in for a surprise because lots of people are slain in the spirit (and maybe some will even be healed during the service).

      I think he is genuine, mainly because his message is nothing new under the sun, he preaches taking advantage of the Sacraments and attending mass on a frequent basis, he repeated tells his audience that the healing (if any) comes from God, not himself. He also speaks at length about God’s love for us and how God wants us to love each other.

      It is really pretty basic Catholic teaching, but by a man who was a pretty serious sinner and yet God called him and he responded to that call and changed his life. I didn’t ask him if he knew Matthew Kelly. They are very different in their approach and charism.

  2. victoria says:

    Thanks for the prompt response. I’m from Detroit and I’ve had the opportunity three times to experience the Holy Spirit myself. As a Catholic I was first hesitant and thought what have we come too but when I went to my first healing mass 4 years ago with Fr. Anelio Salicone I was a believer. A doubting Thomas turned believer. When I went to the altar I kept convincing myself no way now how, well, the Lord had literally knocked me down into believing! It was great. I’ve seen Fr Salicone twice and this doctor Dr. Nemeh from Ohio once. He frequently comes to Detroit. We need a lot of healing in Detroit as I’m sure you hear from
    The headlines. I’m promoting this upcoming service so I wanted to do my homework even though I was a parishoner at that church old saint marys in Detroit. I thank you for your honesty as I literally clicked on your web by chance as there were many comments about him. I will keep you posted with the outcome if you don’t Mind.

    What a lovely family pic you have as well. I come from a family of 8- always crazy and never boring!!

    Thanks again! Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. victoria says:

    Good experience. I took my 3rd old and was a challenge, however, we made it 3hrs later. I did buy 2 books which I’m looking forward to reading and sharing with others. And I also bought several Eucharistic Rosarys that I plan to give away as well. I’m sad I didn’t hear his whole talk but the talk that I did listen about the Eucharist/mass was truly beautiful. How many of us Catholics have no clue about our faith. I promote my faith to my fallen Catholics daily on my facebook. That’s my platform, my stage if you will. I hope you and your family are well.

    God bless—-victoria

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