A Very Busy Weekend of Activities

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May 28, 2009
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June 10, 2009

A Very Busy Weekend of Activities

This has been a busy weekend thus far, but it is not over yet.  We started our weekend on Friday night with a Piano concert by two of our older daughters (hence the recent purchase of a baby grand piano).  We took some video (iPhone again), if you are interested in watching, click here.  The concert went very good, lots of aspiring pianist and some very proud parents and grandparents.  This event ended at around 9:00pm.

We got everyone in bed by 9:30, which was nothing short of a miracle.  The wake up time for the next event (swim meet) was at 5:30am.  I set the alarm and turned in a little after midnight due to work related items for my business trip that starts tomorrow evening.  Well I guess I was enjoying my sleep too much, because I don’t even remember turning off the alarm clock (both times it went off), so at 6:35am, Denae woke up.  We started waking kids up and loading the car with their stuff and got them over there by around 6:50am (the swim coach called at 6:45 just to make sure we were still coming).  The official check in time for the swimmers was at 6am.

My Eleven year old daughter also had a soccer tournament today, the first game was at 9:30am (about 20 minutes east of the swim meet).  We analyzed the times of the swim events for her and the time of the first soccer game and decided she could swim the opening relay (she is on the A team and swims Breast stroke).  Their team came in a close 2nd, and at 8:30am, I picked her up from swimming and we headed over to soccer.  The Swarm (website) won their first game with a score of 1 to 0, the team played a fantastic game, with all players contributing to the win,  the scoring goal was shot by my daughter after a great set of passes set up her opportunity to score.

After a thrilling win, we packed up quickly to get back to the swim meet for my daughter’s individual Breast Stroke event.  She jumped in and quickly won the event :^).  Then she came home and rested a little bit, got picked up by her coach and was taken back for game two at 2pm.  The Swarm won that game as well, 1 to 0.  With a repeat score by my daughter after some great team work finally produced the opportunity for her to put it over the heads of the opposing team and into the goal.  With two wins today and a tie in the first game (played two weeks ago), then Swarm took the point lead and play tomorrow at 9:30am.

With a Sunday morning game (which we really don’t like), we attended mass this evening and went out to dinner with some church friends.  A fitting close to a very eventful and fun day.  Fortunately for us, our nanny came by to help out around the house today and mostly importantly, we only have one event on our schedule for tomorrow (the soccer championship) and I don’t fly out until 6:40pm.

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  1. Devin Rose says:

    The Swarm is undefeatable and is great, with the help of their teammates.

    Congratulations on a full weekend, and I hope the championship game goes well!

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