A Very Busy Weekend of Activities
May 30, 2009
Joseph Anthony’s Baptism
June 15, 2009

60 MPH

Tonight Rachel drove to the grocery store, which is across a major highway, and then we drove to a friend’s house which is about 5 miles away. Rachel drove on Parmer lane and the speed limit is 60! She did great and kept up with traffic and did better than she does driving in the neighborhood.

Keep those prayers coming, so far so good. We also added some additional safety items to my car.

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  1. I refuse to drive with student drivers anymore – ever since I was with my 18 yr old daughter in my husband’s car when she drove into the wall of the store we were driving to. Fractured the freezer on the other side… We were pretty sore as well. I drove us home and she still has not gotten her drivers license. She’s 26! (In her defense she has a spacial disorder that is keeping her from driving. If only we had known that THEN!)So my poor husband has taught the following three drivers with only nine to go. Our second oldest (25, married w/1 child) was nagging me to allow our 15 yr old to get her permit… then she took the 15 yr old practice driving in a campus parking lot and has not raised the subject since. (Evil grin!!)
    I have a lengthy prayer of protection I pray almost daily for those in our family who are driving. God Bless and may your Angels continue to fly before and around you as your daughter continues to learn!

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