Thanks for the Meals!
February 24, 2009
Update on Denae – we are at the half-way point
March 3, 2009

14 days down, 16 days to go

Denae arrived at the hospital on Friday February 13th at 8am, and today is Friday February 27th, which is 14 days later.  So we have almost reached the half way point in our hospital stay.  The baby is set to be born on March 10th and with a 5 day recovery from the surgery, that would put us having Denae at home about 16 days from now.

So in honor of this occasion (the almost half way point), Denae and I decided to have a little outing and I am spending the night at the hospital tonight.

Pretending we are in the Mountains

Pretending we are in the Mountains

Denae has really appreciated seeing all the visitors, receiving all the calls and emails, so keep them up, we are almost over the hump and on the downhill side.

I have really appreciated all the meals thus far and the rides for the kids and most of all our Nanny Maria and my Mother=in=Law Cindy.  I certainly couldn’t have survived this long without you.

God Bless

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