Innaugural Show of 11 to Heaven

The Music Man
July 13, 2009
October 2, 2009

Innaugural Show of 11 to Heaven

Announcing the first episode of our new family show, 11 to Heaven, will premiere this evening at around 8:30pm.  We had originally hoped to air it live at 7:30pm CDT (which was about 11 minutes ago), but life got in the way.

As Catholic parents, my wife and I have a goal, to get our whole family to a place of perfect peace and joy. While we try to accomplish this state here on earth, we fall short more times than not, but our ultimate goal is beyond this life. This podcast will focus on our life and the methods we employ to achieve this goal.
So tune in this evening at around 8:30pm and listen to us talk about the important role of community in raising a family.  Here is the link to our uStream broadcast channel:
We also have a website setup for our new show:
God Bless,

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  1. The Garcias says:

    I liked the show Allen! It made me want to come visit sometime soon when you all come back.

    Have a fun vacation!

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